the red card!

Show racism

What we do

We convey practical knowledge.
We issue guide books, such as the the legal guideline for protests against neo-Nazi rallies. Furthermore, we provide practical guidelines concerning different questions – including topics such as the laying of stumbling stones („Stolpersteine“) to commemorate victims of the Nazi regime, the application for public funds or the question of how to argue with right wing populists or whether to do it at all.

We address racism.
In order to facilitate a substantiated discussion, we regularly publish leaflets. In our series „New Neighbors“, refugees account their experiences in Brandenburg. In our leaflets „A new far-right Party“ and „The rise of the new right“, we analyze political developments. Additionally, we provide facts regarding topics such as refugees and Islam and we examine right-wing groups and networks.

We give political impulses.
Our members have a clear position advocating „for a peaceful society without racism“. We show right-wing populism the Red Card – 10.000 Red Cards have been distributed across the state. It is used wherever we encounter inhuman views.

We unite people.
It is important to us to build bridges between many people and collectively make a difference. We have repeatedly brought together the political youth organizations of the democratic parties (Grüne Jugend, Junge Liberale, Junge Union, Jusos and Linksjugend) and collectively developed poster campaigns against racism and the new right populism. In the statement „Brandenburg stands for democracy and tolerance“, which we initiated, the parties Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, BVB/FREIE WÄHLER, CDU, DIE LINKE and SPD have positioned themselves distinctly against right-wing extremism and right-wing populism.

We provide support.
Our members are actively involved in the protest against right-wing extremism and racism, and we support this commitment. In 2015 we organized a large coalition between political, cultural and economic sectors under the banner „Diversity is our Future“ to counter a nationwide neo-Nazi demonstration called „Day for the German Future“ in Neuruppin. The coalition for action does also support activities of non-member initiatives. For example, we provide unbureaucratic, on-site support through our initiative fund.

We look for new possibilities.
Our campaign „Schöner leben ohne Nazis“ („A better life without nazis“) reaches out to young people and provides a positive sense of life. We rely on our local contacts with schools, festivals, actions, and our presence on social media.

We demand the investigation of racist terrorism.
The coalition for action was founded 1997 in the face of shocking dimensions of racist violence in Brandenburg. Neo-Nazis even formed underground cells. After the discovery of the terrorist organization NSU, questions about its connection to the domestic intelligence agency („Verfassungsschutz“, Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) and its informants in Brandenburg were neglected by the state parliament in Potsdam. Hence we collected knowledge from civil society experts in the anthology „Generation Hoyerswerda“ edited by Anna Spangenberg and Heike Kleffner. Shortly after its publication, the state parliament decided to set up an investigation committee.